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Made By Montage

     1. Overview: how do I get started?
     2. GUI icon description

Overview: how do I get started?

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GUI icon description

Edit a layer Transform a layer Erase / reveal
main button (1) main button (1) main button (1)
copy layers crop layer set brush to "eraser" mode
edit text of current layer flip horizontally set brush to "reveal" mode
display help for layers bar flip vertically set small brush size
reload layer show help about transformations set large brush size
delete layer rotate layer by 90 degrees undo last brush stroke
bring layer to foreground free layer rotation reveal entire image
reset layer position so it's visible
Add a layer Autocut Save and export
main button (1) main button (1) main button (1)
take a picture and add it run autocut (2) save project
add an image from the device shows help about autocut save project and montage (2)
add text delete last stroke
Show / hide layers
hide all layers but the selected one
show all layers
(1) : pressing a main button a second time will collapse the GUI thus making more room on the screen.
(2) : before running autocut, you need to draw the red stroke and the blue stroke.
(3) : projects are saved in a system folder, while the exported montage is saved in a folder "MadeByMontage/" visible directly in the Gallery. Note images can appear in the Android Gallery with a delay due to indexing time.
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